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DBC - Dujela Broadcasting & Communication

Products & Suppliers

DBC supply the following transmission products to Broadcasters and Police/Security services:

For more information on a product or supplier please contact .

USA Flag Altronic Research Inc.

Test loads

USA Flag Belar

Processing and monitoring equipment

USA Flag Burk Technology

Remote control systems

USA Flag CE Lensa

AM transmitters

USA Flag Coaxial Dynamics

Test loads and measurement

USA Flag Crown Broadcast

FM transmitters

Italy Flag Delta Meccanica

Filters and combiners

Bulgaria Flag DEVA Broadcast Ltd

FM modulation monitoring and processing equipment

USA Flag Electro Impulse

FM test loads

Italy Flag Elenos

FM transmitter equipment

Sweden Flag Exir Broadcasting

Filters and combiners

UK Flag Gigawave

Microwave equipment

USA Flag Innovaction srl

FM transmitters

USA Flag Inovonics

Processing and monitoring equipment

USA Flag Kintronic Labs

AM test loads and antennas

Australia Flag Polar Electronic Industries

Filters, combiners and antennas

Italy Flag RVR

FM transmitters, radio links, filters and combiners

Italy Flag Screen Service

TV transmitters

Italy Flag Sira

Filters, combiners, TV & FM antennas

Italy Flag DMT-SyES

TV transmitters and antennas

Italy Flag TEM

TV & FM transmitters

Australia Flag ZCG Scalar

TV & FM antennas